Solutions for Executives

Our wealth management team uses a client-centered implementation model to gain a thorough understanding of your organization. We can work as your personal advocate by customizing a sustainable long-term financial strategy while you focus on what’s most important: running your business!

We position executives for future success through our assistance with the following:

Key Person Insurance
We ensure continuity for employees, customers, and creditors by securing life insurance on the person(s) key to the success of your business.

Executive Compensation
We work to develop impressive rewards packages for top employees as a retention strategy with offerings, such as deferred compensation, adjusted 401(k) contribution limits, and financial contributions.

Buy-Sell Review
Our specialists can examine your buy-sell contract to ensure you have adequate insurance funding the agreement.

Insurance Policy Audit
An advisor will review your existing corporate-owned life insurance policies to ensure the coverage still aligns with your business objectives.

A 401(k) advisor can add value to your organization by reducing your liability and costs and improving employee outcomes, while also acting in a fiduciary capacity.

Executive Wealth Management
We help business owners and executives achieve their financial goals through a personalized approach to managing their portfolio, tailored to their specific needs.

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